NBN - What do I need to do?

national broadband network

Preparing for the NBN can be easy or difficult depending on your current phone system and infrastructure. A smooth transition to business NBN internet is important to save you resources and support your communications and IT requirements and future plans.


1. Check if NBN is ready in your area

Use the NBN rollout map to check the dates and technologies planned for your address. If it is ready, pay attention to the disconnection date for the old copper network.


2. Evaluate your business internet requirements and choose a plan that suits your needs

Of course, the new network will provide faster connections and speed, but there are other aspects to consider, including:

  • What are the download and upload speeds?
  • Is there a setup fee?
  • What kind of support and maintenance is provided?
  • Will the speed be limited after a exceeding certain data usage?
  • Are additional services available?
  • Can the plan be upgraded or downgraded?

Plexus Communications provides reliable NBN internet plans for small business that are effective for most audio and video communications.


3. Check if your phone system is ready

It is important to ensure your telephone system has the capacity to be configured for the NBN network. If your system is more than 10 years old, there is a fair chance the system will require replacing as it will not have the technology available to cater for NBN.

But the good news is, if you have older model handsets such as these from NEC, Samsung and Alcatel, you may be able to upgrade your phone system but retain your handsets saving you the cost of replacing them.


Alcatel 8028Samsung SMT i5210 PhoneYaelink T42Gnec dtl 24d


 NBN compatible phone systems include:


4. Audit your phone bill

After making a decision on your internet plan and phone system, you might want to review your phone bill to optimise services and costs.


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5. Explore new ways to improve communications

You are now connected to the NBN, using a reliable phone system and have optimised your phone bill, why stop there?

A faster and more reliable internet service enables your business take advantage of new communications trends that can improve your staff productivity such as video conferencing, or benefit from simple and scalable solutions such as SIP trunking.


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