How Will the NBN Affect my Current Phone and Internet Services?



In its most basic form, the introduction of the NBN involves the removal of current traditional copper phone lines across Australia and their replacement with high-speed fibre-optic cabling. The NBN is gradually being rolled out, with a projected total of around 8 million premises to be connected by 2020.


By completion of the NBN rollout, most pre-existing phone and Internet services will have been disconnected and replaced with new Internet-based connections. These will include all services running via Telstra’s copper and cable broadband networks, whether supplied by Telstra directly or another service provider using the network. You will need to check with your current service provider to find out whether your service will be replaced by the NBN and what type of connection your premises will receive (Fibre To The Node – FTTN, or Fibre To The Premises - FTTP).


For those businesses whose services will be replaced by the NBN, here is an idea of what you might be able to expect.


Quality of Service - Internet

Whether your NBN service connection is FTTN or FTTP, you can expect significantly faster Internet speeds than with current traditional copper wiring. FTTP connections will deliver superior speeds to FTTN. A range of speeds will be made available via the NBN, which your service provider can offer you to choose from, depending on the needs of your business.


Quality of Service – Calling

Quality of phone calls over Internet services is more complicated, and like VoIP will depend on a variety of technical factors. This should be raised with your service provider when deciding on an Internet speed, to ensure the needs of your business are met and quality of service is not compromised.


Will I be able to keep my current phone number?

In the majority of cases, you will be able to keep your current phone number. Ensure that you confirm this with your service provider at the earliest possible stage.


Quality of service will differ on a case-by-case basis. For further information about transitioning to the NBN and ensuring your business requirements are met in the move, speak to one of our technicians today.