Hosted VoIP Phone System Princing Plans

We have a wide range of call plans suitable for a variety of businesses depending on your business call volume. 

When choosing the right plans for your business, there are two factors you need to bare in mind:

  1. the number of simutaneous phone calls your business is required to make/receieve at tany given time, and
  2. the duration and the types of the phone calls your business predominantly make. (i.e. local, national, international, and call to mobile)

Inorder to ensure that the most suitable plan is recommened for your business, we provide obligation free consultation and free phone bill saving analysis. 

You can contact us via this confidential ONLINE FORM to request a call back.

Alternatively, you can call our sales representative on 1300203276.


Individual Handset Plans

These business phone plans are suitable for office that have 1-60 staffs with low to medium calls volumn. The on-going monthly costs are charged by how many handsets you have. 





Local Calls Free Free Free
National Calls Free
Free Free
Fixed to Mobiles $0.30 per call Free Free

International Calls
(Top 25 Destinations)

$0.20 per 15 min $0.20 per 15 min Free
 13/1300 Numbers $0.25 per call $0.25 per call Free
Hosted iPBX Free Free Free
Access Fee
(per extension)
Free Free Free
Voicemail to email Free Free Free

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Group Plans

These phone plans are perfect for businesses which have large employee base and high vloumn of calls. 


per month

per month

per month

per month

Local Calls (Untimed)   $0.10 per call $0.09 per call $0.08 per call  $0.07 per call 
National Calls (Untimed)  $0.10 per call  $0.09 per call   $0.08 per call $0.07 per call 
Inter Office Calls  Free  Free   Free   Free  
Fixed to Mobiles  $0.16 per min   $0.15 per min  $0.14 per min  $0.13 per min 

International Calls
(top 25 Countries)

 $0.20 per 15min   $0.20 per 15min $0.20 per 15min $0.20 per 15min
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers   $0.22 per call  $0.22 per call  $0.10 per call  $0.22 per call 
Access /plan Fee
(per extension)
$10.00   $10.00  $10.00 $10.00l 
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Snom 760 VOIP handset

$399 inc GST

Yealink T48G VOIP handset

$447.23 inc GST