Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Compact Phone System

With the Alcatel OmniPCX Office Small edition phone system, you get the full communications power of the award-winning Alcatel OmniPCX Office family.

Alcatel-OmniPCX-Compact-Phone-SystemHigh-performance, advanced voice features

Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX  phone system has stunning voice quality, but also failsafe reliability and access to a powerful range of telephony features from the most basic, such as conference calls, music on hold or a greeting message to the more advanced, including:

  • A wide choice of terminals with 4 Reflexes™ digital sets, Mobile DECT or analog sets. All our terminals are highly user-friendly; transferring and forwarding calls couldn’t be simpler -you can even call your contact by name thanks to a dial by name directory.
  • A powerful embedded voice mail.
  • An embedded Personal Assistant so that callers can leave a voicemail, or reach you via a mobile, external or internal number.
  • An “always on” integrated Automated Attendant to connect callers to the right person at peak times and broadcast information to customers, such as opening hours.
  • An integrated CTI server enabling access to a customer database from your PC or a link up to third party applications specifically related to your business.
  • The use of Alcatel’s DECT mobile handsets.

All Features


  • Operating system -- Linux
  • Wall mounted cabinet -- 65x360x345mm
  • External Power back up -- 4/8 hours (optional)

Terminals & workplace 

  • Voice users (analog, digital, DECT) -- 37
  • Voice ports (Reflexes + Analog) -- 12
  • Multi-Reflexes hub (1 to 3 channels split) -- 4
  • Reflexes terminals (with Reflexes hub) -- 16
  • Analog sets -- 8
  • IP users (e-Reflexes + IP PIMphony) Upto -- 55
  • Mobile Reflexes terminals (DECT) -- 20
  • Add-on modules (max 2 per terminal) -- 10
  • SO, V24, Analog plugware -- 4
  • V24 metering plugware -- 1
  • IBS Radio Base Station -- 3

Communication ports

  • Analog trunks -- 4
  • Basic rate access Up to -- 4 TO
  • ISDN RAS Up to -- 128 Kbps (2B channels)
  • IP trunks* (VOIP 4/8 daughter boards)-- 4/8 channels
  • Ethernet LAN port -- Auto-sensing 10/100 BaseT

Call server

  • Voicemail (embedded) -- 2 ports/20 minutes
  • Voicemail storage (with Xmem64) Up to -- 80 minutes
  • Automated Attendant -- 2 levels/10 choices per level & sublevel
  • Groups -- (Hunting/ 50 (up to 32 Broadcasting/Pick-up) subscribers in each)
  • Greeting messages -- 4 up to 8
  • Music on Hold -- 2 minutes
  • Languages -- 2 to 4
  • Directory entries -- 3000
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) -- 500 entries
  • Metering tickets Up to -- 1000 tickets
  • Attendant groups -- 8 (up to 8 attendants by group)
  • Conference -- 3 simultaneous conference

CTI server

  • Integrated CTI server -- CSTA/TAPI
  • PIMphony clients with Integrated CTI server -- 25
  • CSTA sessions/monitoring -- 25/50


Offer: Alcatel OmniPCX IP Phone System

This NBN-ready phone system package provides a the necessary equipment to enhance communications in small to medium offices, includes 9 premium colour-screen handsets. Installation, setup, customer training and support is included.

Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX IP Phone System 2

 Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Small rack mount unit


Alcatel 8058s Premium colour-screen IP handset - 3.5" colour display, bluetooth, alphabetic keyboard, adjustable foot-stand
Netgear 16-port PoE switch
4 port PSTN phone line card 
SIP trunk licenses (VoIP phone lines)
1 Universal Telephony License for new OXO Connect systems. Software Assurance mandatory 13
Software Assurance SMB for 3 years


1 additional IP channel software license for PowerPCU, PowerCPU EE, VoIP32 AND VoIP64


4 Port Voicemail / Automated Attendant license key


Voicemail Mailbox which includes voicemail to email and mobile pairing

All users

Wall Mount / Rack Mount Kit 1
LIU for music on hold




  • Supply and installation of system to existing phone sockets.
  • Programming of system and handsets as per customer's specifications.
  • Facility to connect music/messages on hold.
  • Provide user guides, labels for handsets.
  • Customer training to staff.
  • Set-up Remote System access for maintenance.
  • 24 months warranty on parts.
  • 12 months installation warranty.


Outright Purchase: $9,676  inc. GST

Total Cost for Supply, Install and Customer training

Contact us to request more information or to customise your phone system package.

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