Phone System Software Integration

Integrate business software with your cloud phone system

Phone System Software Integration
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Measure Performance
  • Software packages that integrate with phone system

Our phone system integration with software packages (CRM, Service Management, Practice Management, etc) can boost your business in many ways. Phone system users will be happier and become more productive when handling calls. By syncing information across the cloud, staff will have access to customer information faster, resulting in more sales and better customer satisfaction.

Boost communications of key business operations

CRM software screen


Integrate with Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Service

Customer Service

Integrate with Call Centre & Service Management software

Hotel Property Management


Integrate with Hotel Property Management software

Medical history integration


Integrate with Practice Management software

Know who's calling

Once the integration is set up, staff will be able to know exactly who is calling before picking up the phone. The phone system displays the first and last name of the caller as it appears on your software or database of choice. Our system constantly syncs contacts under the hood and also lets you search for any contact from the phone system interface.

Incoming call on web-based phone system
Screen popup feature on incoming call

Save time with screen popups

Have the customer information ready on every incoming call. The customer record in your CRM or software of choice will open automatically so agents can see every detail during the call. A new browser tab will pop up so fast that you will be able to see the caller information even before picking up the call.

Automatically log call details

With Call Journaling, have every call logged into the system records automatically. Any inbound or outbound call can be added to the associated contact in your software of preference. Relevant details such as type of call, duration and extension or phone number are included. This feature can potentially increase customer service and sales leads.

Call Journaling from phone system

Looking for a custom integration?

We have features ready to use with many popular software packages. If you require a tailored solution, we can evaluate your requirements a build a custom solution to maximise the benefits of your system of choice.

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