NEC business phone systems

NEC Australia is a leading technology company specialising in information and communications technology solutions. NEC is one of the most trusted names in the Australian telecommunications industry.

A powerful communications tool for a small business budget – NEC SL2100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored to an individual’s role. This customisation enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, where ever they are located.

NEC's SV8100 is the perfect solution for organizations that wish to facilitate rapid decision-making, increase employee productivity, and improve customer responsiveness. It delivers superior performance, efficiency, flexibility and reliability when and where it's needed, and is key to survival and growth in today's information-driven business environment.

An NEC business phone system is set of a multiline telephone systems typically used in business environments. Put simply, NEC business phone systems enable the answering of multiple calls to one central number. These calls can then be transferred to other people or extensions as necessary. NEC phone systems have easy-to-use smart features to make your business telecommunications more efficient.

Plexus Communications is an industry-leading expert on business phone systems. Should you require any advice on which NEC system best suits your business needs, call us on 1300 302 276.

NEC Business Phone System 0n Premise

On-premise NEC Phone System