Warning on Misleading NBN Telemarketing

An investigation has found that consumers are experiencing high pressure from some telemarketers using inappropriate sales tactics and incorrect information about NBN services.

Along with the arrival of NBN (National Broadband Network) and its enhanced communications, come new service opportunities. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has received numerous complaints about misleading conduct during sales calls to small businesses, as telemarketers try to sell services over the phone based on incorrect or confusing information.

Misleading information includes:

  • Telemarketers not being clear about who they work for.
  • Consumers being told their current provider will not supply services after the NBN arrives.
  • Consumers being told they need to take immediate action to avoid losing their current services.
  • Telemarketers providing inaccurate information about NBN plans and pricing, contract terms or connection speed.

As a result, consumers may end up locked with contracts that they do not need or do not meet their expectations.

Protecting from misinformation

The TIO recommends checking who the telemarketer works for early in the call and avoid revealing personal information before signing up for a plan. Additionally, it is important to evaluate the details of the new service as well as compare at least two providers before taking a decision.
Key aspects to consider are:

  • NBN availability in your area. Check if NBN is ready to connect in your area before signing up to a plan. The official NBN website provides this information: nbnco.com.au.
  • Current service disconnection date. If your current service is scheduled to disconnect, the NBN or your current provider will let you know with a letter.


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