Panasonic VCA001 Digital Boundary Mic


Natural life-like conversations
360Àö direction recognition


  • 360Àö direction recognition
  • Capture direction and movement of sound and reproduce exactly at receiver side
  • Approx. 4m (radius) of pickup range
  • For using with KX-VC600

High quality digital boundary microphone. Enjoy natural and smooth two-way conversations thanks to our unique echo cancellation feature that reduces echo and howling and no interruptions even when two people speak at the same time. The microphones allow the direction recognition function and indicate the direction of the speaker’s voice and position to the listeners. Experience clear audio in small meeting rooms or large halls. This microphone comes with 8 metres of cable and covers a range of about 3 metres making it great for large conference and meeting room. You can even connect up to four digital extra boundary microphones by ‘daisy chain’ to cover much bigger premises.

  • Natural two-way conversation
  • Life-like sound quality
  • Full duplex
  • Broadband stereo sound
  • Direction recognition function



Maximum Pickup Range Approx. 4 m(radius), 360°
Pickup Method Stereo / Monaural*
Microphone Unit Unidirectional ECM microphone parts x 4
Number of Connections Maximum 4 microphones
Maximum Input Sound Pressure 110 dBspl
Number of Terminals for Microphone Connection 2
Dimensions Approx. 120 (diameter) x 25 (h) (mm)
Cable Length Approx. 8.5 m
Power Input Supplied from main unit via proprietary cable
Weight Approx. 280 g
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)

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