Panasonic LCOT8 8 Port Analogue Trunk Card (Refurbished)



Refusbished Panasonic 8 Port analogue trunk card (LCOT8) with 2 power failure transfer ports. An optional daughter board can provide 12khz metering and/or caller ID. Suitable for Panasonic KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200 and TDE phone systems.

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  • 8-Ports Analog CO Card (Loop Start)
  • 2 ports have power failure transfer units
  • Requires 1 free slot
  • One optional 8-port caller ID card (KX-TDA0193) can be mounted to support caller ID
  • Compatible with¬†KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200,¬†KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200

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