How to Reduce Your Phone Bill



Too often we find that businesses are spending far more than they need to on their phone bills. Reducing your bill is a great way to cut costs and re-direct funds into other areas of your business. The good news is there are numerous ways your business can go about doing this.


There are two key paths available when looking to reduce your phone bill. You can either stick with traditional technology and re-bill your existing services (either by changing your billing plan with the same provider, or changing billing provider altogether), or you can upgrade your phone line technology. There is no one right way for every business, and a number of factors relating both to your needs and the technologies available should be taken into consideration.


It is true that newer technologies offer a multitude of opportunities for improving your business and office space, and can create substantial savings. On the other hand, traditional technologies are tried and tested and may already be adequately serving the needs of your business. Moreover, some new technologies are not suitable for businesses located in areas with poor Internet speed, and re-billing existing services can avoid costs associated with upgrading hardware.


With the increasing reliance of modern businesses on Internet-based and hosted services, we do recommend at least looking into some of the newer phone line technologies available. See the below for an outline of the key benefits and limitations of these technologies.


Type of Service

Traditional copper cable

Traditional copper cable

Internet (VoIP)


Cheaper than IDSN for 1-4 services

Cheaper than PSTN for 4+ services

Cheapest option

Key Features

- Basic

- Direct lines - External call transfers

- Direct lines - External call transfers - Outgoing caller ID - New internet-based technologies

Most Suitable

Businesses with lower internet speed, 1-4 services

Businesses with lower internet speed, 4+ services, looking for additional features

Businesses with good internet speed looking to save costs and access newest features and technologies




It is certainly worth having your current services assessed to see where savings and improvements can be made.


Our staff and technicians are available to analyse your phone bill to understand call spend, identify your business’ requirements and test the speed of your Internet.