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At the heart of any good telephony and IT solution is a well structured, properly installed cabling system. A good cabling system will provide the backbone of your business, ensuring that file sharing, voice calls and internet use are all achieved at the highest speed and quality that your equipment can provide.


Costs of improper cabling to your businessbad cabling

The end product of an improper installation can be glaringly obvious, yet it can also often go undetected. While a dodgy installation may remain undetected, the performance of your network and business can be greatly compromised;

As mentioned earlier, cabling essentially acts as the backbone of your network as it transfers, downloads and uploads all data packets across its wires to other equipment. If you have high performance switches, routers and computers running off cables that are poorly installed, the equipment will not run at its optimum level.

Once a problem is detected, it will cost you time and money to fix. As cabling work is typically done while the building is at frame stage of construction, to re-run these cables is by no means an easy job. It can wind up costing you double or even triple what you originally wanted to spend on your cabling solution.


Plexus Installations stringently follow installation and testing guidelines so that we can provide any customer, whether a single outlet installation or a complete network infrastructure overhaul, with:

OS100  2

  • Outstanding performance
  • Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Potential for growth.

Plexus will assess your current cabling network and collaborate with you to design, install, commission and maintain a new or updated cabling system that:

  • Suits your requirements and budget
  • Remains easy to manage
  • Has the flexibility and capacity to adapt to future needs and technologies
  • Upholds the highest safety standards



With the extensive information collected from our site survey and years of technical experience, we will find and select the cheapest and best solution for your cabling needs.


Take the right steps to avoid unnecessary costs by contacting Plexus Communications now and let us install the cabling for your business the right way.

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