Plexus Commercial Electrical Services - Electrical, Data & Voice

Our qualified electricians and technicians are commercial specialists with a reputation for arriving on time and delivering high quality service. Plexus provide you with wide range of electrical, data and voice services for your business, including;


  • Building light & power installation and maintenance
  • From small to large commericial fit-outs and office relocations
  • IT room power installations including uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar power solutions
  • Exit & emergency testing
  • Surge protection
  • Air conditioning installation & maintenance
  • Data & Voice Communication Cabling
  • Phone system installation, relocation & maintenance
  • Wireless Networks
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Cabling system design, installation, testing and maintenance


Call us now on 1300 302 276 to discuss your commercial electrical, data & voice needs.



Why call us now?

  1. You are moving / relocating offices & want minimum business disruption
  2. You are setting up a new office or shop & want it done right the first time
  3. You are moving into a new factory & need industry experts
  4. You are growing your business & need trustworthy advice

If you are unsure we also can advise over the phone what has to be done & how we can do it.


 Benefits of using a one stop company

 We understand the whole structure of Data, Voice & Electrical so co-ordination is under control 

  1. We can take care of any lighting requirements while we are there
  2. We can set-up your work stations entire needs 
  3. If you need IT support we can organise this too

Power Bills Rising!!!

  • Saving on power is a concern for everyone these days, &  we are  experts in the art of saving you money by using LED lighting & very cost effective building management systems, so lights don't stay on for the sake of it. 
  • We work closely with LED developers & suppliers to ensure a wide range of products can be retro fitted 

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