Four Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a New Office Location


Despite the significance of moving your business and choosing a new office, there are many easily avoided mistakes made often by businesses looking to relocate. Here we list some of the most common mistakes we see businesses make in relation to telecommunications - a crucial aspect of the functioning of any business.


1. Inadequate Research

The most common mistake we see made by businesses that are relocating is failure to research the infrastructure and carrier service availability at the site. Not all carriers and services are available at all sites, and whether you want to stay with a current provider or consider other options, it’s important to know what exactly is available. You should consult with a technician as soon as you have a location in mind, and well before making any final decisions.


2. Selecting a Location with Poor Internet

Some areas, both rural and urban, have poorer Internet connectivity than others. Before moving into a new space, speak to a technician who can assess the Internet speeds available at the site, and whether it will be adequate for your business requirements. This is extremely important information for any business to know before making any decision, but in particular for those using (or planning to use) VoIP-based services.


3. Failing to be Future-Orientated

Whilst it may go without saying, when choosing a new office space you must factor in any potential growth of your business, and the changing future needs that may come with it. Whilst any miscalculation of business growth is not ideal, over-estimation of is certainly preferable. It is important that the telecommunications services and infrastructure available at the site is capable of adapting to growth without the need for significant expenditure (or another unnecessary relocation) down the track.


4. Missing Out on Opportunities!

It is very possible that your new site will have access to better services and technologies than your business has previously used. In particular, this may involve transitioning from a site using copper wire to one serviced by the NBN. Too many businesses look to make the minimum changes required to function in the new space. The transition to Internet-based services in fact opens up an array of opportunities to streamline and maximise the efficiency of your business. For more information on the technologies and applications made available by internet services, see our article here.



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