Large Phone System Prices

This phone system is suitable for companies with 64 - 128 staff.

Plexus Communications are leading online suppliers of Small Business Phone systems from leading manufacturers including Panasonic, Samsung, NEC, Alcatel and Aristel.

Getting the right Phone System is about tailoring a system to the needs of all departments. If you have to compromise then it simply isn’t a solution. The best part  is our range of Phone Systems can be customised for all your needs at prices that will leave your company budget in place!

Understanding all of this, we are proud to have created powerful Phone System Configurators for most large business customers around Australia.

Below you’ll find some popular Large Business Phone System Brands to help you get started. Plexus Communications has made it easy to buy a phone system, which you can customise and pick only the parts or features you want.

For large businesses we recommend: Panasonic NS700


You can also choose from the phone system brands below:

samsung-logo  samsung handsets 
 nec-logo  nec handsets 


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