Corporate Phone Systems Prices

Plexus Communications specialises in creating unique, user friendly Phone Systems solutions for large corporations. We  supply and service  Phone Systems Solutions  from leading Global Manufactures such as NEC, Samsung, Alcatel-Lucent and Panasonic to offer you award-winning technology coupled with the latest features, helping drive your business and people further. Our customised phone system solutions are designed to keep pace with the growth of your business - now and in years to come.

A properly specified and configured Corporate Phone System can serve as the core of an efficient contact centre for a large business with up to 100’s of users, providing outstanding customer service. Use the system to automatically distribute incoming calls as desired to a particular extension or group of extensions such as VIP Call, which provides special handling for key customers and Automated Attendant, which answers calls automatically.

Unlike the small business phone system market where sales are highly influenced by price, it is far more important when purchasing a corporate Phone System to consider the overall solution on offer and the ability of the phone company to deliver this solution in a timely and professional manner.

Whether you’re after a state of the art Phone Systems  for multiple locations or something simpler, Plexus Communications can assist you

National service and support

Our experienced, nationwide team has developed Australia’s best implementation practices, delivering you a seamless transition to new technologies. We go to extraordinary lengths to protect your business from unnecessary disruptions.

Your staff will also receive professional training, as well as a complimentary refresher course to ensure your business gets the maximum return on your investment.

Some Features of Corporate Phone Systems are-

Multi-site enterprise solutions

VOIP has changed the way businesses around the world are connecting. Offshore call centres are the norm and an increasing number of employers and employees alike are enjoying the mutual benefits of a flexible work from home arrangement, saving on travel time and costs and improving staff productivity.

Unified Communications  can enhance and streamline office communications with presence enriched productivity applications.

Along with SIP connectivity, the systems support a range of advanced IP telephones. The systems can be configured with a range of standard digital and analogue phones, digital and ISDN trunks, for maximum flexibility.

Competitiveness for the future

Simultaneously support traditional voice communication, VoIP (Voice over IP), IP-based data communication and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN.

Advanced data networking
Stability is the top priority of the present enterprise communication in companies with increasing voice and data traffic. Corporate Phone Systems provide enhanced communication to handle increasing voice and data traffic of IP phones in Small and Medium Business as supporting gigabit Ethernet and layer 2/3 LAN switching.

Mandatory factor of enterprise communication
The importance of security is essential and obvious in enterprise communication. Phone Systems such as the  OfficeServ 7400 provide 1 interface module to be integrated with functions of Firewall, VPN, and IDS and applies to security policy by steps against the exterior intrusions not to approve.

Secure mobile communication, WLAN
A  WLAN liberates you from the confines of your office and provides you with significant cost efficiency with its ability to remove unnecessary cabling and maintenance through the qualified voice and data service of OfficeServ WLAN. With its support for the SMT-W5100 WLAN phone and SMT-R2000 Dualband WLAN AP, ----------OfficeServ provides full voice-data convergence not only for fixed network connections but also on Corporate WLAN.

Various terminals and differential points
Use many kinds of terminals (analogue phones, digital phones, IP phones, IP video phones, IP softphones on PC/PDA).

Value-added application for enterprise


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