Samsung DCS500 MGI 3 card (refurbished)



The Samsung MGI module converts voice to data and then sends/receives the data via the data network.

The MGI3 card supports up to 16 VoIP channels. There are 8 embedded on the card. An additional 8 channels can be added by plugging in a daughterboard.

The MGI3 has the capabilities of the MGI2 plus the following:


•       G.723.1 (5.3K-6.4K) CODEC

•       G.729 (8K) CODEC

•       T.38 Fax CODEC

•       H.245 Trunking

•       Out-of-band signaling of DTMF tones


Note: There is a maximum of 5 MGI cards per cabinet (15 per system). All 5 can be MGI2 or a combination of MGI2 and MGI3 cards, as long as there is no more than 2 MGI3 cards per cabinet.

Compatible with: Samsung DCS500 phone system

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