Samsung SMT i3100 IP Phone

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The Samsung i3100 IP Handset is most suited to users with more basic or every day business telephone requirements.
Very easy-to-use and offering simple and elegant design, the i300 is a great solution for almost anywhere in the workplace whether it be within production areas to management offices, as well as in public areas such as reception areas or hotel lobbies.

There are many other work environments in which the Samsung i3100 IP Handset is ideal, including kitchen areas, retail check outs and even classrooms- really it’s suited to almost anywhere where general telephone use is required. The i3100 is able to fit well into any business environment, delivering many features and advanced functionality at what is very much an affordable price.

Easy-to-use, simple and elegant, the Samsung i300 IP Handset is ideal for production areas, kitchens or classrooms to management offices, as well as in public areas such as retail checkout, reception areas and hotel lobbies.

Samsung i3100 IP Handset Features

  • Family design with SMT-i5200 series
  • Supports conference, call transfer, call forward and message indication
  • Security capable of sRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)
  • Entry-level IP Phone optimized for replacing traditional digital phones
  • 5 Soft Programmable Keys
  • Wall Mountable, flexible design
  • Hot Desking
  • VPN Capability
  • Superior Connectivity and Call Quality
  • Dual ethernet ports
  • Advanced security solution

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