NEC DT930 24-button Phone


Premium IP Gigabit Phone With Colour LCD


The DT930 is a premium phone that suits managers, knowledge workers and sales reps collaborate. It delivers outstanding conversation quality, an alphabetic keyboard and a large color screen. This handset improves the overall energy efficiency of IP phone deployments by saving energy in standby mode and in conversation mode.



  • 24-key (32 with 8LK key extension unit)
  • Full colour 4.3‚Äù LCD
  • Backlit LCD and keypad
  • Standard button layout
  • Multi-colour MWI
  • Hands-free, full-duplex
  • Adjustable stand – 5 steps
  • Headset support, optional EHS support
  • Soft keys/LCD prompts
  • Navigation cursor & Directory dial key
  • Network support 10/100/1G Ethernet
  • Wideband audio support
  • Wall mountable
  • VoIP encryption

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