Jabra Headsets for business phone systems

JabraFor the office environment, Jabra’s range of corded and wireless headsets offer your business a number of possibilities for improving employee productivity and satisfaction.

The corded headsets enable deskbound employees to talk in comfort and present a more ergonomic way of working. Our wireless headset give employees freedom of movement and enables them to remotely monitor calls and change workstation.


Wired headsets ensure you’re always available. You get a reliable connection, without the hassle of recharging or coupling to another device.

Jabra wired headsets


Be free to work how you want. Jabra’s wireless headsets let you get away from your desk. If you work in a telephone-intensive office, spending hours on the phone can take its toll. With wireless headsets, you’re free to move around, stand up, stretch your legs, grab a cup of coffee, and still be responsive to incoming calls.Jabra wireless headsets