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Plexus Communications provides a range of VoIP Phone Systems from Leading Manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC and Alcatel. These phone systems provide you with the latest technologies to save your organisation both time and money by enhancing your Telecommunications environment.

Voip phone system

Some of the benefits of a VoIP enabled Phone Systems are:

  • Staff can work from home as if they were in the office
  • By simply plugging in a suitable IP-enabled handset into your modem/router at home and connecting this to your VoIP Phone System in the office using the internet, you would then be able to function exactly the same as if you were using the phone in the office
  • Great for management who work from home, or remote staff
  • You will be able to transfer calls, answer inbound calls and see if the staff in the office are on the phone or not from the convenience of home

VoIP Phone Systems allow you to link multiple offices together seamlessly and cheaply - when you buy two IP enabled phone systems linked together via a VoIP setup, you can then connect staff and offices together no matter where they are. Some of the benefits would be:

  • Helps reduce staff costs as one receptionist can answer calls for multiple sites
  • Save money on your cabling costs
  • Free calls between sites as the data link is being used for the Phone Calls
  • Staff can transfer calls around the country as if they were in the same office
  • See if other staff are on the phone around the country
  • Answer overflow calls for other locations so you never miss calls
  • People can connect from home, hotels and other remote locations

In fact it is just like the way you can log in remotely to your IT network via your laptop.

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  • NEC Small VoIP Phone Systems

  • Alcatel Small VoIP Phone Systems

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  • Samsung Small VoIP Phone System

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