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Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Medium Phone System

Samsung small businesses has a level of features and functional flexibility, without the high price tag. The OfficeServ 7030 Phone System can be configured with a full range of analog trunks and extensions, digital trunks and extensions, IP devices, wireless, standard SIP in multiple combinations.

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samsung 7030 phone system

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Communication solutions

The OfficeServ 7030 Phone System offers standard and optional features. Designed for ease of use, most features can be used with a simple one touch, allowing user to quick access the systems comprehensive functionality.

  • Sophisticated, low cost voice mail with e-mail integration
  • Automatically displays caller ID and number dialed information
  • Automated Attendant, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), and Call Queuing with comfort messages ensures calls are handled efficiently.
  • Cost effective IP trunks using industry standard SIP protocols
  • Easy to deploy IP extensions for remote workers and/or other offices
  • WiFi for wireless voice and data
  • Computer Telephony (CTI) Applications for seamless PC and telephony integration.
  • Mobile extension functionality allows mobile phones (or other numbers) to be seamlessly paired with desktop phones

Intuitive handsets

OfficeServ 7030 Phone System supports a range of stylish, easy to use ergonomic wireless, digital and IP handsets, to provide for each user’s precise needs – from making to receiving calls, forwarding to simple navigation through the system’s extensive list of features. Each handset provides similar features and functionality to the user whether they are connected as traditional handsets as IP devices on the network infrastructure or remotely via external data connections, such as DSL.

Flexible and easy to grow

The OfficeServ 7030 is very flexible and can grow with you, so whether you have a single business, multiple business and want the freedom to operate your business anywhere in the world, the Samsung 7030 delivers the same power and benefits to you as the larger, much more expensive telephone systems.

As your business demands it, VoIP applications (IP phones / IP networking / remote workers) and wireless technology can be enabled to provide a powerful converged solution for voice, wired and wireless phones, faxes and modems.

Voicemail and Email Integration

Samsung personalised voicemail ensures that you no longer miss those important calls, voice messages can be left when staff are buy or out of the office. Samsung voicemail goes one step further, allowing users to intelligently route callers with different greetings and employing call routing based on time of day, day of week, caller ID and DDI (Direct Indial)

The email integration feature gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage voice messages and emails directly from their email inbox. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, users can receive, respond to, transfer and forward voice and email messages with ease and efficiency.

Computer Technology Integration

The OfficeServ CTI application suite offers an outstanding range of applications that make it easy to use and customise your OfficeServ 7030. OfficeServ Call, Easyset and Manager software applications are available with all new OfficeServ 7030 systems. OfficeServ 7030 is Microsoft TAPI compliant, and therefore compatible with a wide range of industry standard CTI applications.

Samsung Officeserv 7030 Phone System Brochure: Samsung Officeserv 7030 Phone System.