Logitech Tap Scheduler


Purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms. Logitech Tap Scheduler makes it simple to locate and reserve the ideal meeting location. This custom scheduling panel works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Robin, and Meetio to signal availability from a distance and provide detailed meeting information up close.


Make the most of every meeting space by making it simple for employees to find the right room — whether that means double-checking room details to ensure it’s the right location or reserving a room for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings.
Logitech Tap Scheduler is designed for simple viewing and usability, with a large screen and a clean, unobtrusive shape. Tap Scheduler comes with glass, mullion, and wall mounts and can be easily mounted outside any room. Built-in cable management conceals cables for a clean, professional appearance. Tap Scheduler is known for its dependable performance and long-lasting components.