N700 with Phones – Large Business


High quality equipment
Installation and support


This package includes:

  • 1x KX-NS700 smart IP main system unit w/ 1x 6 port PSTN card, 1x 16 port digital
  • extension card, 1×4 port analogue extension card, 1x DSP card for voicemail and VoIP
  • applications, 1x 2GB SD card
  • 1x Digital KX-DT543- B Reception Telephone
  • 10x Digital KX-DT521- B Telephone ( not available till the 1 st of july)
  • 3 x Digital KX-T7667- B Telephone
  • 1x Panasonic Cordless phones
  • 2x Jabra 920 cordless headset
  • 1X MP3000 MP3 player for music on hold

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