Polycom Kirk Base Wireless Repeater 600V3 (No 24V Power Suppply) (Refurbished)




The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is a scalable solution capable of registering  up to 1500 wireless users making it an excellent choice for small and  medium-sized businesses across a wide range of vertical markets. Using an  IP interface to the PBX, power over Ethernet and IP routing between the  wireless servers, the KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is a costeffective system that allows for re-use of existing network infrastructure and components.

The KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 can be deployed as either a single-cell or a multi-cell solution and can be adjusted to fit the exact size and needs of the individual customer. A single-cell version, consisting of one KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 and up to 6 KIRK Repeaters, can support up to 35 users. When there is a need for more than 35 users at a location, additional KIRK Wireless Server 600v3s can be installed in a multi-cell configuration. Up to 256 radio units (a mix of KIRK Wireless Server 600v3s and KIRK Repeaters) can be used to provide the necessary radio coverage.

A multi-site solution can be further customized to include number of single-cell and multi-cell deployments depending on the size of each individual location.

A KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 is installed directly on the LAN and must be managed as part of the corporate network.

Product Features button

  • used to extend coverage area.
  • available in 2 or 4 Channels.
  • no physical connection to the Kirk Wireless server.
  • suitable for Kirk or Tadiran branded (Flexair) DECT handsets.


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