Panasonic USB Interface KX-T7601 Extension Card (Refurbished)

$ 88.00
SKU: Panasonic-USB-Interface-KX-T7601-refurbished

Refurbished Panasonic KX-T7601 USB module for KX-T7633 and KX-T7636 digital telephones.

Required for use with PC Phone KX-TDA0350.

Included with the card is a 6 foor USB cable.

Max of one USB module per telephone. 

Compatible with: Panasonic KX-TDA50G, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TDA600, KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200, KX-TDE600, KX-NCP500, KX-NCP1000 Business Phone Systems


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