NEC IP2AT-6TD non display phone (refurbished)



Xen Topaz’s elegant sophisticated design delivers productivity and versatility to your work environment. From the simplicity of a 16-button non-display telephone to the feature rich 22-button display with 64-button Console, standard intelligent features can help raise productivity throughout your business.

Product Type: Refurbished Digital telephone handset

Product Model: NEC XEN Topaz Talk 6 Button – Non-Display digital telephone – NEC IP2AT-6TD TEL (Black)

What phone systems are compatible with the NEC IP2AT-6TD TEL handset?: NEC XEN Topaz telephone system

Wall Mount Capability: Yes, this handset can be mounted or fixed to a wall

Voice Mail Capability: Yes

Headset Capability: Yes

Product Features button

  • 6 programmable keys
  • 360o call indicator
  • Dual-colour line keys indicating call status at a glance – Your calls are green, others are red, so you only pick up the calls you’re meant to.
  • Large, smooth touch buttons – Make dialling easy and reduce wrong numbers
  • Handsfree microphone – Move around, write or refer to paperwork whilst on a call
  • Calling number display – 360¬∞ visual indicator Red flashing light allows you to see your telephone ringing
  • Volume adjustment – Gives you easy control over volume levels
  • Adjustable base stand – Adjust the angle of your handset to suit your desk environment
  • Wall Mount – Each telephone has a built-in wall mount facility


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