LG Aria LKD 30 Handset – Refurbished


30 Programmable Buttons
hands free speaker
LCD screen
Black handset


The LG Aria LKD-30D telephone handset is a digital, 30 button phone with hands free speaker and LCD screen. 


Features of the LG Aria LKD 30D handset

Display - an adjustable LCD screen displays useful information such as call duration, number dialled.

Programmable Buttons - 30 buttons for the user to programme to suit their business needs.

Caller ID - ISDN caller ID and intercom caller ID.

Fixed Feature Buttons - these enable access to functions at the press of a single button.

Flash – to terminate an outside call and return to the dialling tone without having to put the handset down.

Speed – access to speed dialling, saved number redial and last number redial.

Trans (Transfer) – to transfer an outside call from one user to another.

Callbk (Callback) – when making a call to another user’s handset that is busy, unattended or in Do Not Disturb mode this button leaves a callback indication.

Conf (Conference) – to start a conference call.

DND/Fwd (Do Not Disturb / Forward) – enables the user to forward calls to another destination or switch on their DND mode.

Mute – used to switch the microphone on and off and works on both the handset and speakerphone.

Mon/Speaker – this turns the phone on and off when using the speakerphone and enables on hook dialling, ie the user can make a call without lifting the handset.

Redial – last number redial and auto call number redial

Hold – places an outside caller on hold.

Volume – this enables the user to adjust the volume on the handset and on the speakerphone.

Call Forward - a choice of options is available, follow me, unconditional, busy calls, no answer calls, station off-net, no answer DVU forward-1 (after 4 seconds), no answer DVU forward-2 (after predefined time) and busy DVU forward.

Call Wait (Camp On) - user can alert a busy station to their call.

Dial by Name

Queuing - when a line is busy this enables a user to join a waiting list to use the line when it becomes available.

Attendant Clock Set - allows the attendant to set the time and date without entering Admin Programming.

Ringtone - choice of ringtones.

Handsfree Operation

Headset Compatible

Message Waiting Lamp


Click here to view the LG Aria LKD-30D telephone handset User guide

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