Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset - Refurbished



Alcatel 4020 Handset Overview: The Alcatel 4020 has all the features of its older brother, the Alcatel 4010, tweaked to perfection. Enjoy all the robust features of a fully complemented PC telephony system that is powerful enough to be used in call centre and simple enough for everyday office use. Nobody combines ease of use and rich features like Alcatel, and the 4020 model is a new highpoint in our fusion of design and function.

Product Type: Refurbished Digital Phone

Product Model: Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex handset – digital phone.

What phone systems are compatible with the Alcatel 4020 Handset?: OmniPCX 4400 pabx, 4200 pabx, OmniPCX pbx

Multiline Operation Capability: Multiple Line Operation, up to 12 lines

LCD Display: Yes

Headset Capability: Yes

Voice Mail Capability: Yes

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Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Handset Features:

  • LCD Display Screen
  • VoiceMail
  • Integrated alphanumeric keyboard
  • Dial by Name
  • 12 programmable keys and 10 fixed keys
  • Built-In Caller ID
  • Optional 20 or 40 key add-on modules
  • Optional wall mounting kit
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