NEC DTL-32D-1P DT330 32 button LCD Handset

$ 257.00
SKU: DTL-32D-1P DT330

Product Type: NEW Digital Telephone Handset.

Product Model: NEC DTL-32D-1P (BK) - 32 Button Display Business Telephone.

DTL-6D-1A (BK) Product Overview: The receptionist-level phone in the award winning DT330 Series handsets, the DTL-32D-1P digital telephone is ideal for those with high telephone usage. Integrated with features including 32 programmable buttons, an easy to use Directory Dial Key and an LCD screen, we find that the DTL-32D-1P handset is a popular choice for staff that have extremely high phone use such as receptionists or executives. Generally businesses will only have 1 or 2 handsets of this size in the system, as a handset of this size and flexibility is expensive and unnecessary in most departments. Only receptionists and executives wanting a high degree of visibility in the network require handsets this large, but it is also important to have at least one large handset per system for programming reasons.

What phone systems are compatible with DTL-32D-1P handset: The DTL-32D-1P telephone handset is compatible with the NEC SV8000 Series PABX telephone systems.

LCD Display Screen: Yes

Voice Mail Capability: Yes

Headset Capability: Yes

Wall Mountable: Yes

DTL-32D-1P (BK) Display Telephone Handset Features

  • 32 key display

  • Backlit keypad

  • Hands-free working

  • Easy to use soft keys / LCD prompts on display model

  • Directory dial key 1000 system, 1000 group, 10 personal, 600 phone book

  • Conference key

  • Wall mountable

  • Message waiting indicator