On April 3rd the Optus 2G network is closing in some states.


Be sure to update your customer's Optus 2G diallers before the Optus 2G network is gone.


NEOS 3G.png


Single SIM dialler
1 FXO & FXS port
Least Cost Routing
Line Reversal
Stackable with fastening clips
Price $540.00 ex GST


NEOS 3G08/11 - Optus and Voda Country Networks
NEOS 3G09 - Telstra and Voda Metro Networks



NEOS 3G 4000.png

NEOS 3G 4000

4 SIM Card Slots
Rack Mount Option
Least Cost Routing
Line Reversal
Magnetic Antennae with 3M Lead
Suitable for all networks

Dealer Price $1,795.50 ex GST

Snom 760 VOIP handset

$399 inc GST

Yealink T48G VOIP handset

$447.23 inc GST