Samsung SMT-i5220 Setup Guide

Hardware Setup and Connections

Samsung SMTi5220 menu2


Initially, the SMT-i5220 handset will need to be set up to operate within the user’s network. The Setup Menu is also used to make changes to the handset, in the event that the system information should change. The currently selected option is highlighted when viewing the menus.

The station number will be assigned automatically once the necessary information has been entered into the handset. Enter the ID and password of the server as described below to resister the station.

See your system administrator for specific network and server addresses. The addresses necessary to set up the SMT-i5220 are:

  • IP Address of station
  • Network Gateway Address
  • IP Address of main telephone system
  • Userid
  • {password

Setup Mode

To access the Setup Mode:

  1. Unplug the power cord, (or Ethernet cord if no power supply) from the SMT-i5220.
  2. Press and hold the * button
  3. Reinsert power cord (continue holding *).
  4. Release the * button when ‘Samsung” is shown on the display.

When the handset has loaded, the Language Menu will be displayed. Press the Yes soft button to advance to the Configuration menu.

Once the Configuration menu is displayed, you can move between each menu item using the Navigation Button and 1-8 dial buttons.

Samsung SMTi5220 menu1

Easy Install

The Easy Install Wizard will guide you through setting up your network parameters.

Phone Information

  1. Version Info. Provides boot rom, software, DSP and hardware version information.
  2. Network Info. Displays network mode, IP address of phone, network and gateway information.
  3. MAC address


Displays Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, NAT, 802.1x, VLAN (LAN) and VLAN (PC).

  • Note: To use a Static IP address, select System Type OSSP (KP)


  1. Primary System: The main processors IP address
  2. System 1-3: Up to 4 server IPs can be set

Extension Login

Allows the user to choose the option of permitting the phone either login/logout from idle mode or only register to the server on power up. Once the phone is placed into Extension Login mode, a display will show up to allow you to enter and valid userid and password. This function is also referred to a hot desking (idle login).

S/W Upgrade

  1. TFTP Server: The IP address on the TFTP server containing the IP software
  2. Upgrade: Starts the IP software upgrade process

Factory Reset

This option returns the handset to factory default settings.

Phone Restart

This option reboots the handset.

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