Samsung SMT-i5220 Basic On-Screen Menus

The Basic Menu screen is displayed if you select the Menu option shown at the left bottom of an idle handset. Using the Up/Down button, move to a desired function and press the Ok button to enter that function.

Samsung SMTi5220 BasicMenus1

Menu Item

Menu Sub-item


1. Phonebook.

Personal Phonebook


Shows the entire list of phone numbers stored in the phone.


This is a list of numbers that are not assigned to any group


Allows you to search for a number ny name or number


Saves a new phone number or group name. Also allows you to specify a speed dialling number and ringtone.

Edit [+]

Allows a user to change or delete numbers saved in the phone

2. Call Log

Displays the Call Log


Used to make a callback from the call log


Used to save entries from the call log to the phonebook

[+] Delete

Used to delete entries from the call log


Used to move back one menu screen

Delete All

Used to delete all call history saved on the phone

3. Messages

1. Voicemail [0]

Allows a user to retrieve voicemail messages from the mailbox

2. Station Message [0]

Allows a user to retrieve station 9internal) messages from another user

3. Email [0]

Allows a user to view how many email messages have been received (optional – if installed)

4. Short Message

Allows a user to retrieve and send internal SMS like text messages to other users (optional – if installed)

4. Conference

Allows a user to manage (setup, add and edit) a conference group to call multiple parties simultaneously to join a conference call

5. Service

1. Scheduler

Allows a user to set a timed reminder alarm to give an audible indication or alarm clock function

6. Phone

Used to set many phone options such as ring tones, background screens, language etc

Press Save after making any changes

1. UC Dial:Right

Manage DND (do Not Disturb) and Absent Messages

2. Screen

Manage Display Time, Font and LCD Power

3. Sound

Manage Volumes, Ring Tone and Key Tone

4. Language

English or Korean

5. Security

Manage Password, Dial and Phone Lock

6. Phone Information

Easy Install. Used to register and authenticate the phone to the server

Phone Information. Includes version, network and MAC address.

Network. Manage Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, VLAN (LAN port), VLAN (PC port), 802.1x

Server. Used to register phone to one or more servers.   Options are Primary, System 1, System 2 and System 3

Extension Login. Used to log phone on and off (Hot Desking)

S/W Upgrade. Used to update phone software

Factory Reset. Returns phone to default settings

Phone Restart. Reboots the phone

Licence. Displays the licencing policy

7. Settings

All options are not explained in this document. The options are intuitive and menu driven for user friendly navigation

1. Application Set

Manage Call Mode, Phone Number, Boss Answer, Short Message, Station On/Off and Extension Login

2. Call Forward

Options Are: All, Not Use, Busy, No Answer, Busy/No Answer, DND and Follow me status

3. Absent Message

Leave a message on your phone that is display to internal users when they call your extension

4. AOM Setting

Used to set the name, number and function of a 99 button Add On Module (if installed)

5. Network Info

Displays all current network settings

6. Clear User Set

Clears all local settings such as phonebook and call log

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