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Introducing New NEC SL 2100

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This Unique Solution platform is ideal solution for any Small to Medium Business.


How to use call forwarding on Panasonic NS700


1. Take handset off hook

2. Enter * 71

3. Select which dial key setting you prefer

Dial 0: Both external and internal call

Dial 1: external calls only

Dial 2: internal calls only

4. Select a dial key of your preferred status

Dial 2: All calls

Dial 3: Busy

Dial 4: No answer

Dial 5: Busy/ no answer

Dial 0 : Cancel

5. Enter an extension number, then select #, or enter an outside phone number, then select #

6. After tone, hang up.

Snom 760 VOIP handset

$399 inc GST

Yealink T48G VOIP handset

$447.23 inc GST

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