Choosing Routers for your VoIP Phone Systems

Many people probably do not know that the network Router is one of the most important parts of a VoIP Phone System. A good router can give priority to voice and VoIP traffic and prevents other applications from taking up the limited network resources.

QoS or Quality of Service is basically how routers prioritised certain data traffic over the other by slowing down the less important data packets while letting the more important ones through first. When you have multiple applications using the internet at the same time, without QoS, everything will be slowed down because the network traffic is congested.

Most of the time, a poor router is the main reason why people hear about the terrible quality of calls using VoIP. In some extreme cases, the call might even be forced to drop out because the router cannot provide enough network traffic to VoIP phones.

So before you signup any VoIP Phone System Plan, please check with the telecommunication technician or your IT department that you have a good quality router with QoS that gives priority to VoIP devices. 

We recommend the following quality assured routers for your VoIP Systems:

Routers 1

Routers 2