How to set call forward

Allows the system administrator to program the call forward destinations for other station users. The program also allows call forwards to be set after the destination has been entered.

The DCS system allows five types of call forwarding - forward all, forward no answer, forward busy, forward follow me, and forward external.

There is an additional option, forward busy/no answer, that allows both of these options to be activated at the same time provided that destinations have been entered for both.


Program keysds5038

Up and down  -  Used to scroll through options

Key pad         -  Used to enter selections

Soft keys       - Move cursor left and right

Speaker         - Used to store data and advice to next program

Hold              - Used to clear previous entry



1. Press the transfer button, dial 102

2. Dial station/extension number that you want to program. You can also use the up/down buttons to scroll through the station numbers. Press the right soft key (under the LCD display panel) to move the cursor.

3. Dial 0 - 5  to select call forward type;


0=Forward Cancel


1=All call




3=No answer


4=Busy/no answer




4. Dial destination extension or external phone number

5. Dial 1 for yes, dial 0 for no. You can also press up and down keys to select yes/no.

6. Press the TRANSFER button to store and exit.



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