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INTERNAL PAGING                   To make an internal page through all desktop handsets:


q  Press          ICM menu option for intercom


q  Press          Inpg menu option for Internal Page


q  Press          “0” which is group no 1 for all internal page


q  Lift              Handset and make announcement


q  Hang up




OR Manually:




q  Lift             Handset


q  Dial            701


q  Press          0” (for all Zones)


q  Make          Announcement and replace handset


                        (Note: This feature is announcement only-extensions cannot reply)




EXTERNAL PAGING                To make an external page through a Paging Horn:




Lift              Handset


Dial            703


Press          0” (for all Zones)


Make          Announcement and replace handset


                         (Note: This feature only works if an external speaker is installed)




COMBINED PAGING               To page both internal & external zones:


Lift              Handset


Dial            *1


Make          Announcement and replace handset







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